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Last Name Full Name Date of Death Burial Location
TaberChamp Clark Taber1994-05-04Bethlehem
TaberSarah Elizabeth Taber1965-05-13Woodside
TaylorNancy Taylor1977-10-20Shiloh
TaylorMoody Franklin Taylor1989-04-14Shiloh
TaylorFrankie Louise Taylor1990-04-27Smith
TaylorBrad C Taylor1994-02-02Smith
TaylorCleo Shellton Taylor1994-03-20Thayer
TempleEmma E Temple1953-07-20Shiloh
TerryMary E Terry1949-07-07Ship out
ThomasJames Carroll Thomas1953-12-01Hatfield
ThomasClaude Thomas1970-12-10Cave Springs
ThomasSteve George Thomas1974-08-20Bailey
ThompsonHenry, JR. Thompson1949-06-13Smith
ThompsonHattie Mae Thompson1992-06-21Smith
ThompsonHerbert Franklin Thompson1989-06-07Wilderness
ThompsonVirginia Ann Thompson1987-09-29Smith
ThompsonEmma F Thompson1982-10-20Bailey
ThompsonWaymon Ray Thompson1982-09-27New Salem
ThompsonVirgil Thompson1974-08-27Smith
ThompsonRobert J Thompson1969-11-03Smith
ThompsonAnna Thompson1950-12-01Smith
ThompsonEffie Thompson1949-05-23New Salem
ThurstonElmer Thurston1971-12-19Woodside
TillmanJames Tillman1964-08-15Bailey
TillmanJeffey James Tillman1991-01-19Bailey
TillmanJames Howard Tillman1985-11-08Bailey
TillmanFranklin Tillman1974-04-21Bailey
TillmanClifford Tillman1973-10-04Bailey
TillmanWillie Elva Tillman1981-08-06Bailey
TingleChristina Green Tingle1990-11-03Cremated
TownsendLizzie Margaret Townsend1953-01-06Bailey
TownsendAbbott Townsend1974-11-04Bailey
TranthamPaul Lee Trantham1955-07-30Huddleston
TranthamClyde Trantham1958-01-07Jolliff
TuckerHelen Elaine Tucker1985-06-04Many Springs
TuckerWilliam Lee Tucker1992-11-06Many Springs
TuneHenry Derrell Tune1951-03-17Bailey
TuneLillie Mae Tune1992-07-03Bailey
TuneKeith Wayman Tune1989-09-09Bailey
TuneLinda Kay Tune1960-11-21Bailey
TuneGeorge David Tune1952-04-10Bailey
TurnerKyle Turner1973-03-31Bailey
TurnerWilliam Harvey Turner1987-03-06Bailey
Turnergoldie Blanche Turner1987-11-02Bailey
TurnerOla Abraham Turner1988-10-08Bailey
TusherFred Tusher1953-06-18Hickory Grove
TusherHoward F Tusher1986-11-09Hickory Grove