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Last Name Full Name Date of Death Burial Location
RackleyGertie Rackley1975-09-25Bardley
RackleyAndrew Jackson Rackley1964-02-06Bardley
RackleyNorbin Nub Rackley1992-10-15Bardley
RackleyCarl Alexander Rackley1988-11-01Cave Springs
RalsonLinnie Ralson1994-05-03Cave Springs
RappeDanny Eugene Rappe1976-08-18Cremated
RedburnLouetta Redburn1975-02-25Redburn
RedburnMadeline Kathleen Redburn1991-10-19Shiloh
RedburnMarion Lender Rolin Redburn1992-09-23Redburn
ReedHenry J Reed1952-06-10Falling Springs
RegisterWinfred Register1980-01-16Smith
ReynoldsJason Scott Reynolds1990-03-09Cave Springs
RhoadesJohn Julius Rhoades1993-12-06Cave Springs
RiceArcina Rice1948-11-25Bailey
RicePeter Rice1954-01-19Bailey
RiceMaggie Rice1958-06-07Bailey
RichardsGladys Iona Richards1985-07-01Jolliff
RichardsOtha Irene Richards1993-12-18Jolliff
RickerNoble Ricker1968-06-01Away
RiesBatty Ann Ries1967-04-16Ship out
RiggsLewis K Riggs1951-07-31Woodside
RileyJames William Riley1949-09-19Hickory Grove
RileyDenzel Riley1978-08-21
RilliesPeter R Rillies1950-03-28Bardley
RinehartMary Elizabeth Rinehart1963-03-25Smith
RinehartMarshall Rinehart1968-12-19Smith
RisenhooverLeo R Risenhoover1964-08-19Cave Springs
RisenhooverRobert Lee Risenhoover1985-01-09Cave Springs
RisenhooverLeo Lavone Risenhoover1986-07-23Cave Springs
RobbinsFlorence Elizabeth Robbins1987-09-30Lake Charles
RobertsIla Denise Roberts1956-09-23Cotton Creek
RobertsBetty Roberts1962-09-11Pine
RobertsBaby Roberts1973-08-12Pine
RobertsJason Kelly Wayne Roberts1989-08-31Many Springs
RobertsIrene Roberts1993-04-21Hickory Grove
RobertsSusan Roberts1993-06-09Riverton
RobertsS G Roberts1953-02-28Pine
RobertsonMary Ann Robertson1993-10-17Bailey
RodgersSarah M L Rodgers1950-08-30
RodgersArliss J Rodgers1950-09-18Mauldin
RogersWesley Rogers1988-03-25Embalmed
RossEverett Edward Ross1992-05-11Bailey
RossTheta Jaunita Ross1990-05-25Bailey
RossGeorge Norman Ross1971-03-09Bailey
RossJulia F Ross1951-12-10Bailey
RowePatsy Rowe1955-03-01Woodside
RoyEmma Lee Roy1948-08-12Many Springs
RoyDaniel Roy1965-04-01Many Springs
RoyWillie Floa Roy1985-09-29Welty, Bristaw,OK
RoyJessie Edith Roy1986-12-19Cotton Creek
Royleaman Ray Roy1987-04-28Lance
RoyRalph Russell Roy1987-09-26Cotton Creek
RoyThelma Vida Roy1993-06-08Cotton Creek
RuddOrvil Ellis Rudd1984-03-22Mem.Park-MaldenMO
RuddClyde Rudd1992-12-27Mauldin
RuleWilliam Henry Rule1973-10-20Shiloh
RussellCharlie Marshall Russell1979-01-25Joliff
RussellEsker Lelan Russell1986-08-12Macedonia
RutzDionna Rutz1992-04-30Embalmed