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Last Name Full Name Date of Death Burial Location
VestArchie Lee Gale Vest1950-05-07Bailey
VanwinkleGeorge Vanwinkle1959-03-28Mt Zion
VestHerbert Vest1959-07-17Vest
VestJosie Vest1959-08-15Bailey
VanWinkleElizabeth VanWinkle1962-04-18Mt Zion
VanWinkleHiram VanWinkle1967-03-11Mt Zion
VincentAndrew Jackie Vincent1977-05-18Shiloh
VarneyVernon francis Varney1983-07-04Greenlawn-Spfld
VestJames David Vest1984-09-10Bailey
VanwinkleDonald Zeke Vanwinkle1985-08-16Bailey
ViettJoseph Michael Viett1988-02-01Cremated
VarneyLaura Ellen Varney1988-10-26Bailey
VestLawrence Jessie Vest1990-02-08Latter Day Saints
VestWallace Chester Vest1990-02-19Many Springs
VegaGarnet Lorene Vega1990-06-16New Hope,Markle,IN
VestBettie Wade Vest1992-12-24Bowling Green, KY
VanoverKrashiena Marie Vanover1993-10-06Smith