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Last Name Full Name Date of Death Burial Location
NewmanWilliam M Newman1949-10-20Walnut Grove
NealRobert Luther Neal1950-06-16Bailey
NormanFannie C Norman1951-12-10Smith
NicholsonWilliam M Nicholson1955-06-25Smith
NorrisCallie Norris1957-09-01Ship out
NolanCecil Marie Nolan1961-03-25
NormanZettie Martha Norman1962-03-02Cave Springs
NewmanSara Ida Newman1963-07-18Huddleston
NormanLula May Norman1966-10-26Cave Springs
NicholasW S Nicholas1967-03-04Bailey
NicholasEdna Nicholas1968-08-28Bailey
NicholsonMary Nicholson1970-01-13Smith
NormanEva Norman1971-02-02Norman
NicholasCharlie Leslie Nicholas1971-02-16Bailey
NormanHallett Norman1972-07-26New Salem
NolanWillis Nolan1973-07-27Cave Springs
NicholasClarence Nicholas1973-12-03Bailey
NivensPaul Nivens1973-12-08Hickory Grove
NormanJames Loyd Norman1979-12-16new Salem
NormanWilburn Linsey Norman1989-02-09Cave Springs
NicholasBennie Nicholas1992-06-08Huddleston
NicholasPearl T Nicholas1992-12-05Bailey
NealMartha Alice Lucille Neal1994-06-28Many Springs
NashLarry Nash1994-11-21