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Last Name Full Name Date of Death Burial Location
FrostTeresa Belle Frost1948-10-08Smith
ForrestSandy Sue Forrest1948-10-09Bailey
FrostEdward Eugene Frost1948-12-05Bailey
FisherCarol Sue Fisher1949-07-25Woodside
FanningAlmyra Fanning1950-11-18Cave Springs
FarrisFern Farris1951-05-02Oak Ridge
FerrellCharles Ferrell1952-09-30Smith
FarrisZeb Farris1953-02-15Bailey
ForresterWilliam Forrester1953-04-22Cave Springs
FryEugene Fry1954-02-02Woodside
FriendRosie Friend1955-04-28Bailey
FeldmanFrank Feldman1957-07-25Cotton Creek
FriendWilliam Harrison Friend1958-02-10Bailey
FordDaisy Pearl Ford1958-10-12Many Springs
FeldmanAnna Feldman1959-03-14Cotton Creek
ForesterWaymond Forester1959-10-15Many Springs
FaulkeThomas Faulke1963-12-20Cave Springs
FarmerWilliam Farmer1964-11-17Pine
ForesterJoseph Forester1964-12-25Many Springs
FaustLouis Faust1965-10-18Smith
FarrellElsie Farrell1966-02-10
FarmerMaggie Farmer1967-02-20Pine
FaustMaomi Faust1970-01-16Smith
FarrisMoody Farris1971-09-14Bailey
FisherJoseph Fisher1972-09-14Woodside
ForrestPerry Forrest1973-06-13Bailey
FarrisRaymnd Eugene Farris1975-07-07Bailey
FosterRalph Edward Foster1976-03-09Huddleston
FrantzGeorge Allen Frantz1977-03-26Bailey
FrantzClaudine Frantz1977-11-05Bailey
FarrisThomas Farris1978-07-14Bailey
FisherEffie Fisher1979-03-26Huddleston
FreemanMarion Patrick Freeman1982-09-09LakeWoodPark-STLCo
FarrisClyde W Farris1983-02-20Bailey
FarissClyde (Jack)Edwin Fariss1983-02-26Many Springs
FriendJohn henry Friend1983-11-02Bailey
FanningMarjorie Ruth Fanning1984-07-25Many Springs
ForresterIva Forrester1986-05-21Cave Springs
finleyKern Edward finley1986-07-05Shiloh
farrisAvis Amby farris1987-02-04Bailey
FerrillChloe Louise Ferrill1988-04-05Huddleston
ForesterMartha Ann Forester1988-05-18Cave Springs
FriendVerla Kate Friend1988-06-11Bailey
FrostMargaret Leona Frost1988-10-04Bailey
ForresterClarence E Forrester1988-10-20Cave Springs
FraleyMada Elizabeth Fraley1988-11-06Cave Springs
FinnaganNettie Mae Finnagan1988-11-25New Salem, Couch
FrenchJames Eddy French1988-12-07Many Springs
FrostEugene Frost1988-12-28Bailey
FrameVirginia Mae Frame1989-04-08Cremated
ForesterElmer Charlie Forester1989-05-14Bailey
ForesterDorothy Fern Forester1989-09-07Cave Springs
FosterLula May Foster1990-08-31Huddleston
ForrestLois May Forrest1991-01-02Bailey
FoggCecil Clarence Fogg1991-07-21Mt Zion, Winona
FinleyConnie Finley1993-03-24Shiloh
FraleyWilliam Frank Fraley1993-12-01Cave Springs