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Last Name Full Name Date of Death Burial Location
JohnsonLuella Sue Johnson1968-06-21
JohnsonLillie M. Johnson1980-04-04
JonesCalvin C Jones1951-10-01
JohnsonSharon Johnson1956-08-31
JohnstonWalton Cecil Johnston1987-06-08Baiely
JohnsonMollie Friend Johnson1988-12-21Bailey
JohnsonVernie Frances Johnson1988-01-12Bailey
JohnsonHomer Calvin Johnson1994-02-04Bailey
JayCrystal Marie Jay1985-04-08Bailey
JonesOpal Bell Jones1993-08-02Bailey
JohnstonMary Lee Johnston1994-06-28Bailey
JenkinsWallace Nelson Jenkins1985-11-24BooneCreek,Licking
JoslinCharles loren Joslin1985-04-12Cave Springs
JohnsonKirby Johnson1972-08-15Cave Springs
JohnsonRuby Anice Johnson1975-04-08Cave Springs
JohnsonOtho Johnson1977-08-22Cave Springs
JackmanOllie Jackman1986-11-07Cave Springs
JohnsonJeanette Ann Johnson1983-05-11Cave Springs
JohnsonCarl Gene Johnson1987-04-19Cave Springs
JohnsonAndrew Johnson1987-06-06Cave Springs
JohnsonDonald Mather Johnson1988-10-30Cave Springs
JohnsonLeonard Johnson1978-02-22Cave Springs
JohnsonOrb Johnson1991-08-30Cave Springs
JohnsonNolen Francis Johnson1992-01-23Cave Springs
JohnsonOpal Aline Johnson1992-07-10Cave Springs
JayHenry Frank Jay1984-06-11Cave Springs
JohnsonSusan Johnson1951-02-08Cave Springs
JohnsonNorma Fay Johnson1953-01-01Cave Springs
JewellWarren Howard Jewell1994-01-23Cave Springs
JayElizabeth Irene Jay1991-11-08Cave Springs
JackmanAlpha Louise Jackman1988-08-29Cave Springs
JonesIra William Jones1985-06-11Cotton Creek
JohnsonCarl Ogesby Johnson1993-04-22COtton Crek
JacksonDoyle Delbert Jackson1991-03-08Greenlawn, Spfld
JohnsonK O Johnson1967-11-12Hickory Grove
JohnsonZlem Alice Johnson1974-12-11Hickory Grove
JohnsonSamuel David Johnson1971-05-25Hickory Grove
JohnsonGarland Mack Johnson1990-06-21Hickory Grove
JohnsonDoris E Johnson1992-01-05Hickory Grove
JohnsonJoseph Byron Johnson1964-01-26Hickory Grove
JohnsonEdna Milvina Johnson1993-07-26Hickory Grove
JohnsonWalter M Johnson1993-12-14Hickory Grove
JohnsonVirginia Johnson1979-11-19Hickory Grove
JohnsonHattie Johnson1960-08-18Hickory Grove
JohnsonJohn Johnson1962-04-25Hickory Grove
JacksonElbie Claude Jack Jackson1989-02-01Hickory Grove
JohnsonJoyce Hollis Johnson1983-12-27Hollis
JohnsonJames S Johnson1949-01-07Lance
JohnsonDora B Johnson1971-04-15Many Springs
JohnsonWilliam F Johnson1973-01-29Many Springs
JohnsonLeslie Johnson1962-06-04Many Springs
JohnsonRaleigh Johnson1957-12-30Many Springs
JohnsonTony Dale Johnson1980-08-10Many Springs
JohnsonCordie Barnett Johnson1957-07-07Many Springs
JohnsonPosey Lee Johnson1957-04-06Many Springs
JohnsonGeorge Johnson1955-06-03Riverton
JenkonsViloet Vivian Hall Jenkons1993-01-12Smith
JohnsonJohn Matthews Johnson1986-03-26Smith
JohnsonLeland Johnson1955-07-30Smith
JenningsDella Jennings1958-06-08Smith
JonesTommy Jones1973-05-12Smith
JonesViolet M. Jones1985-04-20Smith
JohnsonJerry Gene Johnson1987-11-19Smith
JohnsonJoseph Dale Johnson1987-11-19Smith
JohnsonErnest Marlyn Johnson1988-08-09Smith
JohnsonPearl Etta Johnson1986-12-16Smyrna
JonesWilliam Oliver Jones1970-12-09Woodside