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Last Name Full Name Date of Death Burial Location
GannWinsel Gann1977-07-16
GannEvan Hubert Gann1985-05-05Bailey
GreerFrances B Greer1952-03-14Bailey
GwaltneyThomas Nash Gwaltney1991-04-14Cremated
GrovesHattie L Groves1989-12-31Cremated
GumFern Gum1994-04-04Cremated (Woodside)
GamblinBaby Gamblin1976-08-09Family Buried
GinderRay L Ginder1968-03-27Garfield
GinderEunice Ginder1991-01-25Garfield
graetzBette Ann graetz1986-04-01Greenlawn, Spfld
GangerHelen Juanita Ganger1989-12-22Hickory Grove
GrayOdis Dink Gray1993-02-23Hickory Grove
GrayAddah Ethel Gray1984-05-05Hickory Grove
GrangerKenneth Nicholas Granger1986-07-06Hickory Grove
GarrettVirginia McClelland Garrett1980-01-13Howell valley
GarrettJames Levi Garrett1985-02-05Howell Valley-WP
GoinsDavid Ronald Goins1949-05-05Huddleston
GuyErnest Guy1969-10-21Koshkonong
GreerChlose Ann Greer1960-03-28Lance
GriffinVirgil Griffin1982-07-17Latter Day Saints
GrayWilson Riley Gray1976-07-22Many Springs
GarciaJan Robert Garcia1963-03-08Pine
GueseEdna Esther Guese1981-12-11SenateGrove-NewHaven
GuffeyM W Guffey1955-12-17Shiloh
GuffeyJohn Benjiman Guffey1962-01-02Shiloh
GuffeyFon V Guffey1992-07-07Shiloh
GoodGeorge Rockwell Good1967-02-25Ship out
GumWilliam L Gum1965-01-28Smith
GoodAdam Wade Good1979-12-07Smith
GreenMyrtle Green1990-06-24Smith
GumJesse Amos Gum1988-02-22Smith
GumRuth Ellitt Gum1987-08-26Smith
GumOpal Doris Gum1985-09-26Smith
GumLola Gum1973-08-30Smith
GumJesse B Gum1952-11-28Smith
GuffeyJohn Donald Guffey1993-07-20Smith
GreenArthur Herbert Green1991-10-14Smith
GumMary Lee Gum1987-08-07Woodside
GumLouella Gum1964-01-13Woodside