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Last Name Full Name Date of Death Burial Location
DotsonBeatrice Gertrude Dotson1978-09-08
DaltonJames Dalton1978-09-14Bailey
DillinerRussell Dilliner1964-05-31Bailey
DickersonHarley Orlon Dickerson1962-12-14Bailey
DeckardEdith Marie Deckard1987-03-03Bailey
DeckardHenry Deckard1977-04-25Bailey
DeckardNettie Deckard1975-05-18Bailey
DeckardJames A Deckard1967-11-26Bailey
DeckardPatricia Ann Deckard1951-01-19Bardley
DildineJaunita May Dildine1951-10-25Bardley
DavisDacy Froma Davis1949-03-02Bardley
DeutschmanAlfred William Deutschman1987-04-24Deutschman
DillsDonald Edward Dills1989-02-19Dills
DillsAllen Thomas Dills1985-11-12Dills
DillsJoe Bob Dills1981-05-16Dills
DouglasFlora A Douglas1953-08-01Falling Springs
Dodson, JrClarence Arthur Dodson, Jr1988-10-02Hickory Grove
DodsonCarl E Dodson1993-04-29Hickory Grove
DunhamHazel Virginia Dunham1978-03-09Huddleston
DunhamLeon L Dunham1986-04-16Huddleston
DavisRosella Davis1965-01-15Huddleston
DavisJoe Dale Davis1975-08-15Huddleston
DavisCharles Davis1977-08-15Huddleston
DavisKevin Dale Davis1979-02-22Huddleston
DavisJames Riley Davis1989-02-01Huddleston
DotsonLyle Owen Dotson1992-12-28Huddleston
DyerTerressia Jane Dyer1959-05-16Huddleston
DavisLawrence Davis1992-04-10Iowaville, Salem,IA
DotsonMartha E Dotson1952-06-17New Salem
DobbsBentley H Dobbs1954-03-04Shiloh
DentonJimmy Dale Denton1959-03-27Ship out
DodgeAlonzo Dodge1960-02-21Ship out
DuniganHattie Dunigan1967-10-24Smith
DunniganLester Dunnigan1972-08-22Smith
DyrlandG. Melvin Dyrland1979-12-04Smith
DaileyEugene Dailey1977-08-12Smith
DyrlandIda Emma Dyrland1985-07-06Smith
DorrisRussell George Dorris1978-12-19Smith
DorrisMrs. E P Dorris1960-02-24Smith
DorrisJerry Mac Dorris1949-07-22Smith
DawsonDeane keener Dawson1992-05-05Smith
DawsonAda Althera Dawson1991-09-15Smith
DawsonDonnie Deane Dawson1961-11-21Smith
DaileyVada Myrtle Dailey1984-03-14Smith
DobbsAlbert Dobbs1987-04-19Wilderness
DobbsEffie Jane Dobbs1984-11-05Wilderness
DixonLula Elizabeth Dixon1949-11-19Wilderness
DobbsMarshall Moss Dobbs1949-08-28Wildreness
Dawkins Dawkins1957-10-25Woodside