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SanchezSharon SanchezAlton, MO
SandageMelvin Jay SandageAlton, MO
SandersDennis Neal SandersAlton, MO
SaundersWilliam SaundersAlton, MO
SawyerVernon L. SawyerAlton, MO
SawyerLoretta SawyerAlton, MO
ScottEldon Kay ScottAlton, MO
ScottCarol Ann ScottAlton, MO
SeissDoris Jean Williams SeissAlton, MO
SeissEugene Daniel SeissAlton, MO
ShaferEdna ShaferAlton, MO
ShamrockRobert Michael Shamrock, SRAlton, MO
ShawDavid Meril ShawAlton, MO
ShieldsGentry L. ShieldsAlton, MO
SimmonsEdna Ruth SimmonsAlton, MO
SimmonsLee SimmonsAlton, MO
SimonsGeorge Richard SimonsAlton, MO
SimpsonDonald Hugh SimpsonAlton, MO
SimpsonRuth Delores (Click) SimpsonAlton, MO
SimpsonLois M. SimpsonAlton, MO
SimpsonTom SimpsonAlton, MO
SimpsonJoyce SimpsonAlton, MO
SimpsonBruce Jon SimpsonAlton, MO
SimpsonShirley Combs SimpsonAlton, MO
SimpsonWesley Thomas SimpsonAlton, MO
SimpsonGarry L. SimpsonAlton, MO
SimpsonChristopher SimpsonAlton, MO
SimsBernice Karen SimsAlton, MO
SiscoJames Ronald SiscoAlton, MO
SiscoLarry Dean SiscoAlton, MO
SiscoWanda SiscoAlton, MO
SiscoRonnie Lee SiscoAlton, MO
SiscoMary SiscoAlton, MO
SiscoJohn R. SiscoAlton, MO
SiscoJerry SiscoAlton, MO
SiscoJettie Dean SiscoAlton, MO
SiscoHopie H. SiscoAlton, MO
SiscoAnna Faye SiscoAlton, MO
SiscoJames D. SiscoAlton, MO
SmallwoodWillie Ann SmallwoodAlton, MO
SmithBruce Charles SmithAlton, MO
SmithJason Sebastian SmithAlton, MO
SmithGene SmithAlton, MO
SmithRonnie SmithAlton, MO
SmithJames SmithAlton, MO
SmithWain SmithAlton, MO
SmithLonnie D. SmithAlton, MO
SmithElsie Ann SmithAlton, MO
SmithAugusta Irene SmithAlton, MO
SolomonStephen J. SolomonAlton, MO
SparkesArchie James SparkesAlton, MO
SparkesLoraine J. SparkesAlton, MO
SpoorHelen Lee SpoorAlton, MO
StairsJimmy StairsAlton, MO
StandardTerry Standard, SRAlton, MO
SteakleGeorge C. SteakleAlton, MO
StephensStephen F. StephensAlton, MO
StevensTerry Martin StevensAlton, MO
StevensBarbara Kay StevensAlton, MO
StevensHomer StevensAlton, MO
StevensonCarrie Jane StevensonAlton, MO
StogsdillDorothy StogsdillAlton, MO
StogsdillHarold Dean StogsdillAlton, MO
StogsdillKenneth StogsdillAlton, MO
StogsdillRoy Wayne StogsdillAlton, MO
StotlerJeff StotlerAlton, MO
StrainEsther L. StrainAlton, MO
SwiftVivian SwiftAlton, MO
ShamrockFaith Constance ShamrockAlton, MO.
SnellDeAnn SnellBirch Tree, MO
SonsJimmy Patrick Sons, SRBirch Tree, MO
SiscoSadie Pauline SiscoBoss, MO Formerly from Alton, MO
StotlerMary Louise StotlerBourbon, MO
SchuylerJames S. SchuylerCouch, MO
ShultersRalph Lee ShultersCouch, MO
SmithHenry F. Smith, SRCouch, MO
SmithTherman Carl SmithFulton, MO
StoneWilliam Henry StoneHardy, AR
SimpsonBob Gene SimpsonHouston, MO
SimpsonBetty Lou SimpsonHouston, MO
ShampGayle W. Shamp, Jr.Independence, MO
SloanJames Wesley SloanKoshkonong, MO
SloanRuby Marie (Childers) SloanKoshkonong, MO
SavageJulie Ann Savage Laframboise Mammoth Spring, AR
SavageHarvey Lee SavageMammoth Spring, AR
SchauerCarol A. SchauerMammoth Spring, AR
ScottJohn W. ScottMammoth Spring, AR
SeagravesHarvey Wayne SeagravesMammoth Spring, AR
ShepardGeorge ShepardMammoth Spring, AR
SimmonsEdward SimmonsMammoth Spring, AR
SimpsonPhyllis SimpsonMammoth Spring, AR
SmithSybil Lee (Winston) SmithMammoth Spring, AR
SmithJanice Louise (Rogers) SmithMammoth Spring, AR
SmithDonald Ray SmithMammoth Spring, AR
SmithDelphia Frazier SmithMammoth Spring, AR
SmithCarla Denise (Gibson) SmithMammoth Spring, AR
SmithBarbara Jean SmithMammoth Spring, AR
SmithHoward Burnett SmithMammoth Spring, AR
SpencerDallas Delaus SpencerMammoth Spring, AR
StarkDessie Louise StarkMammoth Spring, AR
StewartJon StewartMammoth Spring, AR
StewartRexine Fonzie StewartMammoth Spring, AR
StoneCheryl Lynn StoneMammoth Spring, AR
StoneTerry D. StoneMammoth Spring, AR
SwopeMerle SwopeMammoth Spring, AR
SepulbdaGeraldine Elanor Robinson SepulvedaMamoth Spring, AR
Stubblefield-GannBeth Stubblefield-GannMt. Home, AR formerly of Alton, MO
StotlerKenneth Lee Stotler, SRMtn View, MO
SiglerJack L. Sigler, JRMyrtle, MO
SpenceSharon Lynn SpenceMyrtle, MO
SwanGeorge Elliot SwanMyrtle, MO
SmithRichard Edwin SmithPeace Valley, MO
SurrattBetty L. Tillman SurrattSelmer, TN
SpringerChristina Marie SpringerTecumseh, NE
SampleAnna Sue SampleThayer, MO
SandridgeMyrle SandridgeThayer, MO
SandridgeWilliam Lee SandridgeThayer, MO
SchletterBetty Louise SchletterThayer, MO
SchmidtAlice Rosetta Mae SchmidtThayer, MO
SeversonBeverly Jean SeversonThayer, MO
ShelleyLois Mae ShelleyThayer, MO
ShelleyDonald Wayburn ShelleyThayer, MO
ShepardBrenda Joyce ShepardThayer, MO
ShoemakerTroy Edward ShoemakerThayer, MO
ShultzSandra J. ShultzThayer, MO
Simmons Frankie Lea SimmonsThayer, MO
SimmonsBill SimmonsThayer, MO
SimpsonAlice Deane SimpsonThayer, MO
SmithNoril Dean SmithThayer, MO
SmithBennie Juanita SmithThayer, MO
SmithJustin Marie SmithThayer, MO
SmithDavid Thomas SmithThayer, MO
SpecketerAudria Elizabeth SpecketerThayer, MO
SpringfieldDonald Ray SpringfieldThayer, MO
SpringfieldVirginia Sue SpringfieldThayer, MO
StaceyLuther R. Stacey, JRThayer, MO
StayLeota D. StayThayer, MO
SteffinsLynn Marie SteffinsThayer, MO
StevensDavid K. StevensThayer, MO
StoneClara Colleen StoneThayer, MO
StoneHenrietta L. StoneThayer, MO
StoneGerald Duane StoneThayer, MO
StrickbineNorman Lyle StrickbineThayer, MO
SullinsJohnny Wayne SullinsThayer, MO
SummersKathy SummersThayer, MO
SwisherTom D. SwisherThayer, MO
SystoAdam Lawrence SystoThayer, MO
SeleyImogene SeleyThomasville, MO
SeleyAl Gordon Bob SeleyThomasville, MO
SheetsCalvin Roy SheetsThomasville, MO
SimpsonJerry Charles SimpsonWarrenton, MO
SimmonsElven Dwayne SimmonsWest Plains, MO
SimmonsJames Allen SimmonsWest Plains, MO
SiscoClara Ethel SiscoWest Plains, MO
SmallRuby A. SmallWest Plains, MO
SmithWilliam Harold SmithWest Plains, MO
SelbyWilton Dalis "Buddy" SelbyWillow Springs, MO (formerly of Mammoth Spring, AR)